Backyard Game
Alligator Tail


Kid’s show off their fancy footwork and throwing skills in this light hearted reptile chase!


A large beach towel, or old blanket (Alligator tail), A bunch of small, lightweight items to throw like Q-Tips, cotton balls, rolled socks or bath toys – half marked with red and half marked with blue (use stickers, ribbon or tape to mark), 2 shallow trays or bowls to hold each team’s items


Pick a large beach towel or an old blanket to be the Alligator tail! Choose one player to be the Alligator and tie the Alligator tail around his or her waist. Separate the other players into two teams and hand out the small, lightweight household items for them to toss during the game.


Have the Alligator choose a zigzag path across the lawn. And when you say “GO,” have the Alligator quickly walk along their zigzag path for five laps.


As the Alligator walks, the other players try to toss their objects onto the Alligator’s tail. After the Alligator has completed five laps, the team with the most objects remaining on the tail wins!