Backyard Game
Ball Tag


A normal game of tag, completely mixed up!


A soft or or rubber bouncy ball
A large playing space
5 large household items (if you don't have any use rocks!)
Tape (make 2 squares facing each other,but very far apart and are big enough for everyone to fit in)


First, have all of the players choose a tagger. The tagger is then equipped with a ball.


The tagger places the 5 items inside of one of the squares while the rest of the players sit or stand in the other square, which is now their base.


On the count of five, the players run forward, trying to grab one of the five items without being tagged by the ball.


If a player is tagged by the ball they must freeze until another player tags them.


If a player is frozen holding an item, the tagger is allowed to take the item from the player while they are frozen and return the item back to the base (Note: the player won't be unfrozen if an item is taken from them while they are frozen).


The tagger is not allowed to take items back from the other players' base.


If a player accidentally touches the tagger's ball if it is on the ground, they are frozen.


The tagger is cannot to tag people with their hands.


The game is over when either the players successfully removed all 5 of the items or the tagger has successfully tagged everyone!


For a fun twist, add more items to the tagger's base!