Backyard Game
Bomb the base


Each team has a base, each base on the oppisite side of the yard. Each team has 2+ players, Each player gets 2 water balloons each day. (each day is 10 min.) You try to throw a water balloon at a player on the other team. If you hit the person on that team you get an extra water balloon and the person who got out can't play on their team until the next day. At night there is a fake monster that you have to hide from. (night time 2 min.) while hiding is a perfect time to hit each other with the water balloons.


Water balloons


You have to leave your base and walk around the yard at least twice every day ( another great time to bomb each other.)


You cannot hit other players when they are on their base.


Any water balloon unattended may be stolen by the other team.


Any popped balloons can't be replaced.