Backyard Game
Bowling Hoopla


Race your friends by "bowling" a ball through a hula hoop at 5 different stations


5 cones/markers
2 hula hoops
2 balls (same size)


Divide players into 2 even teams. Line each team up behind the first marker/cone.


Pick one player from each team to be the "hula hoop holder." This player will stand at the 2nd marker/cone with the hula hoop standing up and the opening should face the line of players.


Each team can "bowl" at the same time by aiming for the hoop (throw the ball through it). If you make it through, go to the back of the line and the hula hoop holder must step back to the next marker/cone.


If you miss bowling the ball through the hoop then the hula hoop holder must hula hoop around his/her waist 5 times!


The next player in line bowls (hula hoop holder must stay at the same cone until the ball passes through).


The first team to reach the 5th and final marker/cone and "bowl" through the hoop wins!


For the next game, choose another hula hoop holder. You may choose a referee at the start of each game if wanted.