Backyard Game
Buff Ball


A game where you hit a beach or squishy ball with your head and you run bases on your hands and knees.


Need on buff ball and four square bases. and a marker rectangle for the pitcher mound


Use a big squishy ball.
You can't steal a base.
You must have at least two hands on base to be safe.
You must tag a person with a ball or tag the base with a forse out.
You must have the same amount of people on the field as the other team.
You can toss the ball to other players.
There can be subs for players.
If the buffer players getting the pitch pops the ball up in the air and the field players catch the ball the buffer player is NOT out.


One team takes the field and their pitcher tosses the ball to buffing team player at bone .


The buffing team player uses their head to bounce the ball out into the field.


Buffer player crawls around the bases. All players have to be on hands and knees at all times except if you have the ball in hand then you can hold the ball but move with your knees.


Like baseball if the next buffer crawls to your base you must advance and if the field players have the ball on your base then you are forced out and go back to the buffing line-up. Field players try to either tag the buffer or create a force out. They can toss the ball to other players, when needed.


If you get to bone going around all the bases then your team gets a point. After three outs or 6 buns the teams switch from field to buffering.


After seven innings the game is over and team with the most buns wins.