Backyard Game
Catch The Sock Monkey


Catch The Sock Monkey is a fun educational game that not only energizes you, but lets you have fun. It's based on the game hot potato with an exciting twist to this new and improved version. It is for all age groups. You'll have so much fun with others. Catch The Sock Monkey will soon be a world favorite.


1. A stuffed animal (does not have to be a monkey)

2. An imagination


1. The stuffed animal must be in the air at all times. If it touches the ground the person that threw it has to run to the nearest tree and back.

2. The goal of this game is to have the Stuffed animal when the "Monkey" finishes singing or dancing to a song of the players choice.

3. if you are out of the circle when the "Monkey" turns around you are out.

4. No cheating.

5. Have fun!!!


Grab a group of about 6 or more people.


Do rock paper scissors to see who will be it.


Grab a stuffed animal of your choice.


Sit in a circle that has no gaps.


Try to have the monkey last.


If you you are ou t of the circle when the"Monkey" turns around you are out keep doing this until there is only one player left, that player will be the next "Monkey".


Have fun!!!