Backyard Game
Hula Hoop Toss Up!


Two or three people compete to see who can get the most points.


Hula hoop


There are two teams. On one team there will be 1 person. On the other team there will be 1 or 2 people. The team with one person will have a ball. This team will kneel and toss the ball up and attempt to catch. They MAY NOT leave their knees. If they catch it, it is one point.


The other team has a Hula hoop. If there is one person on that team, they step into the hula hoop, pick it up, and bring it over their head without it touching their body(besides their hands). If it touches their body they must set the hula hoop down and bring it up again. Once the hula hoop is over their head they set it down in front of them and repeat until they make it across the yard.


Once they make it across they yell STOP and the ball thrower will stop throwing. Then the teams switch places and do it again. Whoever got the most points when they were the ball thrower wins!


When there are two players on the hula hoop team, one person will go in the hula hoop and one person will be the lifter. If the hula hoop touches ANY body part of the person in the hula hoop, then they drop the hula hoop and try again. In 3 player mode when you switch instead of switching once you will switch twice so everyone gets to be the ball thrower.


Once again the person with the most points wins!!!!!