Backyard Game


Summary: This game involves running past other players to get to hula hoops.
Object: To be the first team to get to either of the hula hoops in the opponents’ area TWO times.


Four hula hoops (the biggest you can find). A rectangular area of flat ground or pavement (The length needs to be about twice the width: for 2 players, width should be 9 feet; for 4 players, width is 18 feet; for 6 players, width is 27 feet; add 9 feet for every two players). A rope the same length as the width of the playing area.


Setup: Split the area in half with the rope so that there are two equal squares (see picture). You should place a hula hoop about 6 feet in from each far corner in each direction (see picture). Split your players into two even groups and pick sides. If you have an odd number of players, one can be a referee.


When everyone is ready, teams begin trying to get to the hula hoops in the opponents’ side of the play area. When someone goes past the rope out of their team’s side, they can be tagged by their opponents. If a player gets tagged, he or she is “frozen.” They must hold still and wait for someone from their team to “unfreeze” them.


When a player goes outside the playing area, they must return to the nearest edge of the playing area and become “frozen”. People guarding bases need to stay an arm’s length away from the hula hoops.


When a player successfully reaches a hula hoop, they get a free pass back to their own side (they cannot be tagged on their way back), and they cannot attempt to reach another hula hoop until they return to their own side.


The round keeps going until one team wins by being the first to reach either of their opponents’ hula hoops two separate times. It does not matter if it was the same hoop both times.