Backyard Game
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This is a soccer game that you try to get the highest score then the other players.


Soccer ball
Open space


-You can only use your feet and any other body parts aloud to use in soccer
-You only have 3 tries
-Have fun


One player at a time takes three tries to get the highest number of kicks while the soccer ball stays in the air and does not touch the ground.


After the first try if the player is satisfied with the number he/she has gotten then he/she can challenge the other players to try to get that number.If the player is not happy after the first try he/she can start over with his/her second try (The same thing applies to the third try).


If the other players reach the number that the original player got then that person gets the point. If the player does not reach the number then the player that originally got that many numbers gets the point.


You can end the game whenever you like. (My friends and I tend to set a goal of 10 to 20 points before we begin the game.)