Backyard Game
Monkeys Go Bananas


Monkeys, watch your tails in this game of strategy to outsmart the jaguar and bring home the most bananas!


T-shirts cut into strips (Belt), Additional t-shirt strips, different colors to represent teams (Tail), 3 large boxes (One box per team and one box in the middle), Items to represent Bananas (Real bananas, bean bags, water balloons, cups)


Create your monkey tails by tying cut t-shirt strips around each player’s waist. Then tuck (but do not tie) the other strip through the back of the t-shirt belt and you are ready.


Put a box at each corner of the field and one in the middle filled with bananas, which is the banana tree. Divide the players into equal teams and choose one player from each team to be the jaguar. Line up the remaining players behind their team’s box.


When you say “GO,” all monkeys from each team run to the middle box to fetch one banana at a time and bring it back to their box. The jaguars from each team are allowed to pull the tails off of monkeys from other teams to freeze them and turn them into trees.


If a monkey turns into a tree while holding a banana, they can hand it to a monkey on their team, but they must remain frozen in place for the rest of the game. Trees continue to be part of the game as safe zones for the monkeys on their team – if a monkey holds on to a tree, a jaguar cannot pull their tail. Keep playing until the banana tree is out of bananas. The team with the most bananas wins!