Backyard Game
Ocean Adventure Time!


Marine biologists dodge eels and explore the sea to collect ocean discoveries in this maritime adventure game.


- Something to the divide yard or playing space in half (ocean)
- 2 hula hoops (reefs)
- 20 or more household items like spatulas, pots, dishrags, tissue boxes, plush toys, soccer balls... anything you can think of! (These represent things you could discover in the ocean)
- A timer (oxygen tank)


Split players into two teams. Choose one player to be the eel to guard the reef and tag the opposing team’s marine biologists.


Place hula hoops at either end of the play space, marking each team’s side and scatter the household items across the lawn.


Determine how long you’d like to play the game and set the timer for that amount of time.


When the referee says “Go!” the marine biologists must swim through the ocean to collect ocean discoveries (the household items) and bring them back to their team’s reef without getting tagged by the opposite team’s eel. Marine biologists can steal one item at a time from the other team’s reef as well.


If tagged by an eel, the marine biologist must leave the ocean to get some air for 30 seconds.


The game ends when the timer goes off and the marine biologist’s oxygen tanks are empty. The team that collected the most ocean discoveries wins.