Backyard Game
Ogsome Jogsim (OJ)


An innovative outdoor game with a twist to duck-duck goose.


1) Pieces of paper with numbers on it. (1 through the number of people playing)
2) A hat or a bowl
3) A ball


1) Everyone should be standing in a large circle with the OJ (Referee) in the center.
2) OJ should know all the numbers placed inside the hat or bowl.
3) Nobody should know what the number on the piece of paper is other than the person holding the paper not even the OJ.


All players should stand in a large circle with the OJ (refree) in the middle. Then the OJ offers each player a number from the bowl.


The OJ gives the ball to any one player in the circle then calls out a number from the bowl. If the player has that number, he or she drops the ball and then tries to run atleast two laps in the same direction without getting tagged by the OJ. The player then takes the OJ's spot in the center if not tagged. Otherwise, if the runner is tagged then he or she goes back to the original spot. That number is out of the game.


If the player with the ball does not have the number called out by the OJ, then he or she throws the ball to another player who may have it. If that player has the correct number, he or she dodges the ball, running two laps and then sits down in the throwers place. If the receiver does not have the number, he or she throws it to another player and game continues.


Each time the runner is tagged, the OJ & the runner switch places.


The game continues until all the numbers in the bowl are called out.