Backyard Game
Parkour Challenge


This is a backyard parkour challenge.


Nothing necessary, you can bring in additional props if you want.


You can help your own teammmates, but you cannot interfere with the other team.
If you cannot complete a task, you can either deduct two points from your team's total and move on, or go back and do it again. This is something you will have to decide with your teammates.
The winning team sets up the course for the next round.


Set up a parkour course in your backyard with different things you need to do throughout the course (jump over a log, run up the hill to touch the fence, climb to the top of a tree, get across the rope bridge without falling).


You get one point for each obstacle that each teammate successfully overcomes. You can help your teammates, but you can't interfere with the other team.


Whichever team finishes with the most points wins!