Backyard Game
Potato Asteroids


May the potato force be with you! A constellation battle with asteroids, stars and potatoes.


Small/medium potatoes (4 per person)
Sidewalk chalk


1. Stay in your solar system
2. Be nice
3. Don't throw the potatoes
4. Have fun!


Grab four potatoes (per person) and some chalk. Each person draws a circle on the ground. Try to keep them close together, about two feet apart. Inside the circles draw stars and asteroids.


Each person must stay around their own circle/planet and cannot move into someone else's solar system. When someone says go, everyone rolls their potatoes and tries to get them to land on a star. If it lands on an asteroid, your potato blows up and you can't use it anymore.


If it doesn't land on an asteroid or star, you can try again until your out of potatoes. When everyone is done, whoever has the most potatoes on the stars wins!


Added game element: If you see a player with a potato on a star, you can use one of your potatoes to knock it off. However, you can't leave your solar system area and have to roll it hard to reach the other planet. Once your potato is on someone else's planet you can't take it back until the next game.