Backyard Game
Rabbits v. Hounds


Get the ball through the rabbit hole and score as many points as possible before being tagged out.


1 hoop (the rabbit hole), 1 ball for the 2 rabbits, a ball for each hound on the sidelines.


The 2 field players (rabbits) are chosen by rock/paper/scissors. The rabbits win the chance to score first. Rabbits are not allowed to take more than 2 steps before passing the ball. Hounds must stay behind the sidelines. Hounds must aim below the waist.


The rabbits start at one end of the field and run to the other end where a hoop stands (rabbit hole), passing a ball between the two players.


The hounds on the sidelines throw the other balls trying to hit one of the rabbits while they hold the ball. If a rabbit is hit while holding the ball, he must switch with the hound player that tagged him and becomes a hound (the hound becomes a rabbit).


The new rabbit starts back at the beginning with the other rabbit. If a hound hits the ball as it’s being passed, both rabbits become hounds, and the hound that hit the ball chooses one other hound to make a new set of rabbits.


If the rabbits make it to the other side and put the ball through the hoop, they each get a point and start at the beginning line again to re-play and try to score as many points as they can before being tagged out.


If rabbits are tagged out, they keep their same points if they come back in as rabbits, to try to add up enough points to win the game.


Play continues until one player scores 10 points total.