Backyard Game
Scavenger Tag


Fun and exhilarating combination of a scavenger hunt and tag.
Object: to find all cans/bottles and place them inside circle without getting tagged.


Empty cans or plastic bottles; Circle from a hula hoop, rope or chalk


Set up: Make circle in the middle of designated playing area. Circle outline can be made with a hula hoop, jump rope or chalk approximately the size of a hula hoop.


The person who is it hides all eight bottles/can in the playing area, while all the other players close their eyes.


The person who is it returns to the middle circle and tells the other players to open their eyes. Then the person who is it then closes their eyes and counts to 15, while the other players start looking for the bottles/cans.


The players try finding the bottles/cans and bringing them to the middle circle, but needs to avoid getting tagged by the person who is it.


The person who is it tries to tag the other players and is trying to tag all the other players before they find all the bottles/cans.


If a player is tagged, they have to sit out for the rest of the round.


The first person who is tagged becomes it for the next round.


The round is over when either all players are tagged or all the bottles/can are returned to the middle circle.


If all the bottles/cans are returned without someone being tagged, then ask for a volunteer to be it for next round.