Backyard Game
Shazam Ball


A fast paced group game combining dodge ball and capture the flag.


A group of kids the more the better
1 ball (playground/soccer) per player
1 bandana/cone per team


The ref watches to see if anyone is doing something inappropriate or bad sportsmanship, you are out for the next game. Ref settles aruguments.


Teams start in a field with each team on a corner of an imaginary triangle. The corners are the team's territory.


Players try to get the another team's bandana and bring it back to their own territory without getting hit by a ball from that team. Players can't be hit in the stomach, chest, face, head or neck.


If they are hit below the waist by a ball thrown in the air, they are out and sit in the team's imaginary jail. You cannot get out by a ball that has bounced or a ball you accidentally run into. It must be a thrown ball from someone in that territory.


You can only throw at players who enter your territory. Players must keep track of their own ball. Players can block a thrown ball using their own ball. But once you leave your territory, you cannot throw your ball, you can only use it to block throws.


Once a team loses its bandana, that team is out. Play until only one team is left.