Backyard Game
Sidewalk Chalk Adventure


Kids draw upon their imaginations to create this fun twist on a hopscotch game!


A sidewalk, blacktop, driveway or patio area to draw on, Sidewalk chalk in plenty of colors, A 6-sided die


Players create the play space by drawing a path of squares that lead to a castle at the end. The path can be straight or curvy, zigzag or spiral. You can add a bridge, moat or tunnel— it’s up to you! This adventure can be as exciting as you want it to be.


In a few of the squares, draw some obstacles or rewards, such as: Gold coin: jump ahead one space, Magic mushroom: jump ahead two spaces, Spikey fish: go back to start, Star: cross the bridge


The first player stands at the start space, rolls the die and jumps the number of spaces shown.


The second player follows, rolls the die, jumps the number of spaces and performs any actions indicated by obstacles or rewards. The winner is the first player to reach the castle.