Backyard Game
Sponge Ball Fill Up


Soak up the fun and stay cool in this team water race.


• 2 Sponge balls for each kid (see below for instructions)
• 1 Large water bucket, about 5 gallons
• 2 Smaller buckets, about 1 gallon each


First you’ll need to create two sponge balls: Cut two sponges, width wise, to create five strips per sponge for a total of ten strips. Then, hold all eight strips in a bundle and tie them tightly with a two inch piece of elastic twine. The tighter you tie them together, the better the strips fan out to create a ball shape.


Split the players into two teams. Both teams stand at one end of the lawn. Fill your biggest household bucket with water and set two smaller buckets on the opposite side of the lawn.


When you say “GO,” have all the players run to the water bucket and grab two soaked Sponge Balls. The players have to use the water in the Sponge Balls to fill up their team’s bucket on the opposite side of the lawn, running back and forth from their team’s bucket to the water bucket as many times as needed. Players can capture Sponge Balls from the other team by throwing their Sponge Balls at them. If a player hits a member of the opposite team with their Sponge Ball, the player from the opposite team must hand over one of their Sponge Balls.


The player, who now has three Sponge Balls, can squeeze the water from all three into his team’s bucket. The player left with one Sponge Ball can still run to their team bucket to empty the water in. Upon return to the water bucket, each player can only leave with two Sponge Balls, leaving extras behind or grabbing replacement Sponge Balls as necessary.


One team wins when their bucket is full and all of the team members are seated on the grass.