Backyard Game
The Recycle Relay


Players compete to fill their water buckets first in this relay race that uses only recycled and reused materials!


- Milk cartons with the bottom cut off and holes poked in the lid
- Water bottles filled with water that will be used as cones
- Large, empty plastic containers for each team
- Wash tub or bucket filled with water


Divide into teams with two or more players each. Then set the empty containers at one end of the playing area (one for each team) and the wash tub filled with water at the opposite end. * You can also add bath tub color tablets to the water to make things a little more colorful.


Set the full water bottles in a zigzag formation across the play area. These will serve as cones/obstacles that the players will weave in and out of. There should be at least 3-4 bottles set up in front of each team.


Each team stands in a line behind the water tub. The first player from each team fills their milk carton scoop full of water and runs, weaving in and out of the water bottle cones, to the opposite end of they play area to empty the container in their team's bucket.They then run back and hand the scoop to the next team member.


The first team to fill their container wins.