Backyard Game


In this race against the clock, players must accomplish a task chosen from a card before the water balloon goes BOOM!


- Water
- Balloons
- Small container to hold balloon for each challenger
- Index cards to write tasks
- Specific items for task (hula-hoop, jump rope, balls, blocks, etc.)
- Timer (optional)


1. Make sure all players wear clothes that can get wet.
2. Choose tasks that are age appropriate to each player. For example:
- Jump rope 35 times in 30 seconds.
- Hula-Hoop 25 times in 30 seconds.
- Spin around in a circle 10 times and run and touch a tree in 20 seconds.
- Say your A-B-C's in 25 seconds.
3. When players toss water balloons, they must throw gently near the ground and not above the waist.


Make several water balloons for each player.


Put a hula-hoop on the ground and have all players gather around it in a circle, approximately five big steps away.


Choose a player to go first. They then choose an index card and complete the different tasks listed in a certain amount of time (players can either use a timer or they can count).


If the player completes the task before time runs out, they are SAFE!


If the player does not complete the task before time runs out, a small water balloon is tossed on the ground or on their legs for a huge splash - BOOM!


Play over and over again for hours of fun!