Backyard Game
Topsy - Turvy Relay


This crazy, topsy-turvy game challenges kids to complete different tasks using parts of the body NOT in the "usual" way...all in a really fun relay against another team or against the clock!


* Pair of Shoes
* Jar with a twist top
* Small toys
* Cup of Water
* Straw
* Stop Watch
* Finish Line


The relay course should be designed for specific ages. Do not make the distance between each challenge to long for younger competitors and definitely add distance for older competitors.


Grab some friends and divide in groups of two. If there are only two kids to play, that is great! You can either choose one person as the "helper" and the other person as the "doer" OR go back and forth between partners to complete each task. You can time yourselves and see how fast you can complete the course.


Then, collect the items listed above or add your own twist to each topsy-turvy challenge!


Make a pattern for the course, with a start and finish line. When everything is set up, have each group get ready to begin. On your mark...Get set...GO!


Put hands in a pair of shoes and have the partner walk on their hands to next station.


Open a plastic jar with a twist top with their feet. The helper is allowed to hold the jar steady.


Pick up plastic jar with with elbows and walk/run to the next station.


Put plastic jar down and put three to five objects in the jar with your toes.


Pick up plastic jar with your elbows and walk/run to next station.


Set up two chairs or empty table for the plastic jar and one table with a cup of water and straw.


Place plastic jar down, and then drink some water through the straw - but do not swallow.


Transfer water in mouth and place in the plastic jar.


Once the plastic jar is full, place the plastic cup on your head and walk/run to the finish line!