Backyard Game
Tortoise & the Hare Ball


Slow and steady or fast and furious? Players find out for themselves when they get to try both roles in this race inspired by the classic tale!


• 2 Rubber playground balls about 8-inches in diameter
• 4 Cones or other place markers


Identify a starting point and place a pair of cones, then identify a turn-around point and place the second pair of cones. These points should be about 15 feet apart.


Have each player assume a character and stand at the start, either the Tortoise or the Hare. Both Players should place a ball between their feet.


When you say “GO,” the Hare will hop with a ball between their feet to the turn-around point, while the Tortoise will crawl to the turn-around point with a ball between their feet or knees. Once they reach the turn-around, the two players will switch characters and, place the ball between their feet or knees and either hop or crawl back to start. The winner is the player that arrives back at the starting point first.