Backyard Game


Players or teams take turns tossing old-fashioned washers toward a hole in a board - similar to a bean bag toss. A simpler version of the game can be made using cans.


A raised board with circular holes cut out. Or, large empty coffee cans placed at opposite ends of the competitors. 3-6 2"- 3" aluminum washers work best. And perhaps, chalk may be used to mark a starting point line for the tossers.


This is a game made out of household items found around the inside AND outside of the house. It is meant to be played outside, in nature, but, could also quickly turn into a wonderful indoor rainy day game!


Players stand behind the line and take turns tossing their washer and aiming it toward the hole or the raised coffee can.


This is a great game for teams, but, may also be played as single competitors. It is a wonderful game that teaches hand and eye coordination and also encourages good sportsmanship and cheering one another on.


As players get better at the game, gradually move the playing line further back. This is such a favorite neighborhood game and doesn't require a lot of space!