Backyard Game
Water Balloon War


A summer friendly Capture The Flag that's fun and a great way to keep cool!


2 big buckets each filled with 35-50 water balloons(make sure none of these balloons are green!)
2 green water balloons ( these are the "flags")
2 big hula hoops (for the jails)
1 long rope (the divider)


1. You can't throw water balloons once you leave your side.
2. If you are hit by a balloon from the other team you must stand in jail (a big hula hoop)
3. If a team mate high fives anyone in the jail everyone will get a free pass back to their side
4. You cannot steal the other team's balloons unless you catch it, otherwise you go to jail
5. There are jail breaks so everyone gets a free pass back to their sides
6. Once you find the flag (the green balloon) you have to pop it on the other team's side before you get hit
7. If you are hit while trying to pop the flag you must put it back where you found it and go to jail
8. Remember there is no puppy guarding!
9. Have fun!!!!


Hide your flag on your side


Splash kids on the other team while they're trying to pop your balloon


Try to pop the other team's flag without getting splashed by the other team


If you do get splashed you must go to jail until you are high fived or a jail break has been called


Rescue team mates from the other team's jail


Protect your flag


Catch other teams balloons to give to your team


The game is over when everyone runs out of balloons or a flag has been popped


Remember to be proud of your team without hurting the other team's feelings


Most importently have a fun time