Backyard Game
Zombie Hunt


Even the undead rise to the challenge in this activity-filled treasure hunt!


3 Handmade cardboard dice (see instructions below), • A fun and safe environment to play in, with lots of fun items to discover


Create three cardboard dice according to these instructions: 1. • Gather 3 sheets of cardboard, about 12”x16”, scissors, clear tape and a marker 2. On each sheet of cardboard draw six 4-inch squares in a “T” shape 3. Cut the “T” shape out with scissors 4. Fold the squares on each of the lines to make a box 5. Tape the edges together with clear tape


On the first die write the numbers “1” through “6,” one number per side. On the second, write a bunch of fun active movements like “skip,” “crab-walk,” “walk backwards,” “walk on your tiptoes,” “hop on one foot” and “spin.” On the third die, write fun things to find in your environment such as leaves, twigs and flowers. Or, how about buckets, basketballs and bugs? Anything goes!


For one round, gather the players together at one end of the yard and roll each dice – this is the start point. Players will have the number of minutes listed on the first die to do the activity illustrated on the second die and then to bring back the item shown on the third die. For example, “Kids, you have two minutes to crab-walk and bring back a flower.”


When the players return to the start point with their items, this completes the round. If players bring back the wrong item, or time runs out before they make it back to start, they have to act like a Zombie to distract other players during the next round. Play as many rounds as you like!