Backyard Game
Zombie Tag


Tag with an imaginative twist.


None. Just kids who want to have fun.


Players are divided into two teams. Each game one team will be the “Human” team, while the other team will be the “Zombie” team. Players can switch sides after each game and take turns being either Humans or Zombies.


The Human player tries to recite the alphabet with his eyes closed. Humans must recite the alphabet out loud in a clear voice so that the other players can hear them. Humans can start and stop reciting the alphabet as often as they wish. For instance, a Human player can close their eyes and recite, “A, B, C, D,” then stop and open his eyes, then close his eyes again and continue, “E, F, G, “ before opening his eyes again. The object of the game for the Human team is for one of the Humans to finish reciting the alphabet from A to Z.


The other players or "Zombies" try to tag the Human with their arms held straight in front of them. The object of the game for the Zombie team is to stop the all the Humans from reciting the alphabet.


The Zombies cannot move if the Human sees them. The Zombies can only move when the Human closes his eyes or is looking in a different direction. Zombies must walk and run with both of their arms held out straight in front of them as much as possible. This way all the players will know who the Zombies are.


Definite boundaries should be set ahead of time.


The Human wins after he finishes reciting the alphabet from A to Z with his eyes closed. If he gets tagged, then the Human loses and the Zombies win.