Backyard Game
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do some games on the site have a red flag with "2012 Finalist" or something similar?

A: These are the finalist games from previous years of the Clif Kid Backyard Game promotion, or other cool games we want to share with you. They are not eligible to win this year's promotion. We hope your kids have fun playing them, or give you inspiration for your Game submission.


Q: Can I only enter one time/ one game?
A: No. In fact, you can enter as many games as you’d like.
Q: Will you let me know when my game has been accepted/declined?
A: Please allow up to 3 business days for us to process and review your game. If it meets the game criteria, you will receive a confirmation email and it will appear on the website. Submissions that do not meet the game criteria will not appear on the website, and will not be eligible for finalist consideration or prizing.
Q: How will you be selecting a winner?
A: CLIF Kid will be selecting the top three (3) games based on judging criteria that includes creativity, uniqueness and likelihood the game was created by a kid. The top three games will then be shared on the CLIF Kid Facebook page for fans to vote on the winner.


Q: What are the prizes?

A: The grand prize winner will receive a $10,000 educational scholarship, a special block party for family and friends, plus an awesome bike and helmet. Two runners-up will win/receive a $1,000 scholarship and a bike and helmet. Scholarships are awarded to help kids explore their creativity and reach their full potential.


Q: Do I have to submit a photo with my entry?

A: Absolutely not! But photos or drawings will help make your entry shine and easier for kids to understand how to play your game.


Q: Are there restrictions or requirements for the photo submissions?

A: Photos must not include anything that might be perceived as lewd or offensive. We may not display photos that show other brand logos (this includes logos on hats and other clothing.) All children in the photos must have the consent of their parents/guardians. You must be the owner of the photo, or have permission from the photographer before submitting it on this website.


Q: What about technical specifications for the photos?

A: Photos must be either PNGs or JPEGs and no larger than 1MG each.