2012 Winner and Finalists
Game Summary:

Give these kids a hand as they use keen eyes and fast feet in this new play on a classic game of memory.

Created By: Benjamin
Age: 9
Hometown: Grandville, MI
Created By: Brett
Age: 9
Hometown: Washington D.C.
Game Summary: Adventures in babysitting! Don't let the sun set until you get all the kids home in this relay against time.
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Created By: Samuel
Age: 8
Hometown: Placentia, CA
Game Summary: Monkeys, watch your tails in this game of strategy to outsmart the jaguar and bring home the most bananas.
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Created By: Tovar
Age: 8
Hometown: Arlington, VA
Game Summary: Kids will get a kick out of zigzagging from continent to continent in this race across the globe.
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Created By: Joseph
Age: 6
Hometown: Gulf Breeze, FL
Game Summary: X marks the spot, unless O steals your place in this tic-tac-toe race with a twist.
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Group Winners 2013
Created By: "MSFTS" — Students and friends of Dawson Elementary School which needs P.E. equipment.
Hometown: Jackson, MS
Game Summary: While playing Dragon Frzz-Ball, little beasts use a "gauntlet" to knock down as many dragon's eggs from the opposing team as possible.

The group category winner was chosen by the public on CLIF Kid's Facebook page in early July, 2013. Dragon Frzz-Ball was also chosen as the crowd favorite during the Playoff event.

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