Backyard Game
Adventure Land


Are you ever outside with friends and don't know what to do? Well, this fun role playing game is the game for you!


Imagination is all you need, but props can be included.


All the players go into groups. There are 2 Runners, Fuel Givers, and Energy Takers. If there are 7 players, add a Runner. If there are 8 players, add a Energy Taker. if there are 9 players, add a Fuel Giver. If there are 10+ players, keep adding Runners.


All the groups decide where their base is. Then they go to their base and wait for the game to begin.


One player (or adult if there is super-vision) yells go and makes sure everyone heres them when the game starts.


The Energy takers try to tag the Runners. If so, the runners must go to the Energy Takers base and sit down.


If a Fuel Giver tags a Energy Taker, the Energy taker must go to the Fuel givers base and sit down.


If a Fuel giver runs to the Energy Takers base the can hold hands with a Runner sitting down and count to 10 Mississippi. If the Fuel givers get tagged in the process (by an Energy Taker only) the Fuel Giver must go to his or her base and count to 10 Mississippi before coming back out.


If a Energy Taker sees a sitting down Energy Taker inside of the Fuel givers base, they do the same thing that the Fuel Givers do to the runners, but if they get tagged in the process, the must also sit inside the Fuel Givers base until set free.


If all the Runners are sitting down in the Energy Takers base, the Energy Takers win. If all the Energy takers are sitting down in the Fuel Givers base the Fuel Givers and Runners win!


Play as many times as you would like!