Backyard Game
Baseball Tag - Wack the Ball in a Hoop


You can play baseball, tag and golf at one time.


One soft air filled ball (any size), 1 plastic bat, and hula hoops (2 hoops for less than 6 players and 4 hoops for every 6 players)


You will need to start the game by spacing out the hoops behind the pitcher. You will need a pitcher and batter and the rest of the people stand in the field. The batter hits the ball with the bat when thrown. The batter runs to the ball and tries to hit it into a hoop with the bat while the others in the field will be running around to keep the ball from going into the hoop. When the batters gets the ball into the hoop, s/he is "It" and everyone runs to get away. When the "It" person tags someone, they are now the batter. The batter/ tagger is now the pitcher and after the pitch, s/he is out of the game. (This does not apply to the very first person who pitched and then batted because they were never tagged.) Play continues until one is left standing. Remove a hoop for every two people out.