Backyard Game
Eagle’s Nest


Kids’ imaginations take flight with this strategic tag game!


1 rubber ball, 8” or more in diameter, • Items to mark 2 circular areas on the playing field like hula hoops, chalk or ribbon


Mark two circular nests on opposite sides of the lawn about three feet in diameter.


Choose one player to be the Eagle and have him stand in one of the nests and place the ball, which is the Eagle’s egg, in the center. The other players are Crows and stand in the opposite nest.


When you say “GO!” the Crows run around distracting the Eagle, to try and steal the egg. But watch out Crows! If the Eagle tags a Crow, the player must sit out in the Eagle’s nest until she is rescued by another Crow. Crows that are out can’t try to steal the egg until they are rescued.


If a Crow captures the egg, the Eagle can leave the nest to try and tag the Crow. If tagged, both the egg and the Crow have to return to the eagle’s nest. If the Crows make it to their nest with the egg, the Crows win! If the Eagle happens to tag all the Crows, the Eagle wins!