Backyard Game
Epic Obstacle


Epic Obstacle is an awesome and fun-filled game that's great to play on hot days.


Hose, water balloons, bucket, water squirters, and a spray bottle.


Have good sportsmanship and be fair about what item you get. Also have fun and an amazing time!


First label each item such as water balloons, buckets, water squirters, with a number. Then choose the teams. Write down numbers on small pieces of paper. This depends on how many people are playing the game. Fold them up and put in a bowl, hat, bag, etc.


Let each person pick out a number from the bucket. The number they pick will be the item they use while playing this obstacle course.


Now set up the obstacle course with items you found around the house and place them where ever you want through out the yard. The only requirement are some chairs used to help go through the obstacle course without getting wet.


While one team is going through the obstacle course the other team must try to hit a person from the other team with water. Using the tool they have.


If you get hit on the knee or below you are out. The person that is out can not go back in the game but they can help by blocking the water balloons so it doesn't hit the remaining players.


If you get all the players out from the other team you win the Epic Obstacle!


You can choose the prize and what the lost team has to do.