Backyard Game


One person stands on the high area. They have the ball. When they are ready, they call a name of one of the sections, which should be named after countries. The other player[s] should be in the middle of all the sections. They run after the ball in that “country” area.


*2-3 people
*A high thing to stand on
*Four equal parts and names for those four
[names should be of countries]
*A ball [Preferably a kickball or bouncy, large ball]


*The person on the high area can not gain points there.
*If you miss the ball, then it is a point for you.
*The person with the least amount of points wins.
*If it is decided that it is the throwers fault when the ball is missed, then the thrower throws the ball again.


Once the first person throws once, then they will switch with someone else.


The game ends when the time is up. [The time can be up either by setting a timer, or when decide to stop as a group.]