Backyard Game
Footloose Derby


Kids’ feet are made for walking, jumping and kicking too. The only rule in this game is no hands!


• 1 Base hula hoop
• 1 Additional hula hoop per player
• A bunch of fun household items (ex. Plastic bottles, balls of all shapes and sizes, pool toys, cotton balls, etc.)


Set up one hula hoop in the center of the yard as the base and set up the other hula hoops around the base—they can be about 10ft. from the base and there should be one for each player. These hula hoops will be the players’ goals. Put random household items in the center base hula hoop. Have each of the kids stand in their goal.


When you say “GO,” all players race to bring back items from the base to their goal, without using their hands. Creative kids can kick items back to their hoop, or hop with them between their feet, or grab them with their forearms. Their imagination is the only limit! However, if kids get caught using their hands, they must return that item to the center base hoop and start over again.


The game ends when the center base hoop is empty and the winner is the player with the most items in their goal.