Backyard Game
Hoop Ball


Players will have a ball when a hula hoop is the moving target!


• Hula hoop
• 3 whiffle balls or other easy-to-throw items for each player


Pick a throw line in the backyard that’s a few feet long. Choose one player to be the Hoop Master (this can be a parent too) and have him or her take five big steps forward from the end of the throw line. Have the other player’s line up behind the throwing line.


When you say “GO!” the Hoop Master rolls the hoop on its side and one player has a chance to toss three balls through the hoop without knocking it over. The player can run along the throwing line, but cannot cross it. Repeat until all the players have had a turn throwing three balls each at the rolling hoop.


The Hoop Master awards one point for each ball that makes it through the hoop. Add up the points when all the players are done and the one with the most balls through the hoop wins!


OPTIONAL: For added fun, add more hoops to the mix. Choose more than one hoop master and try rolling hoops from opposite directions or challenge players to make it through two hoops at the same time!