Backyard Game
Let It Goooo!


Let the ice cube go! Can you build a frozen snowman? Ice is unpredictable on a warm day. If you can land an ice cube, by either sliding or tossing it into each section of a snowman, (bottom, middle and head) you are the winner.


Chalk, Ice cubes, Glove is optional (Some kids believe it might give them an extra edge, others say the cold doesn't bother them anyway.)


A chalk outline of a snowman is drawn onto the ground.


Players stand approximately 5 feet away from the bottom of the snowman, in a line.


Player 1 selects three magical ice cubes from the bowl.


The first player gets three ice cubes to toss or slide into each section of the snowman's body.


If the player successfully lands an ice cube into the bottom portion of the snowman, they will get another turn to land an ice cube into the middle, and upper section of the snowman's body.


If they are unable to land an ice cube into the bottom section, they return to the back of the line to try again, and return their unused ice cubes to the bowl.


This game is not as easy as it appears, but if you are the first to land a cube into each section, all others will hail you as the Ice King or Queen!