Backyard Game
Marble Run


The first person to get all 5 objects behind the starting line before the ball reaches the finish line wins.


- Chalk or hula hoops or jump ropes
- 5 random objects
- A marble


1. You have to drop the objects at the starting line, no throwing.
2. You need to roll the ball, not throw it.
3. Each hoop needs to be about one foot away from each other and about five feet away from the starting line.


Gather your materials.


Make 5 circles about a foot away from each other. Next, mark a STARTING line 5 feet away from the circles. Finally, mark another 2 lines. Label the first one as START and the second one as FINISH, each of them 4 feet away from each other.


Place an item in each of the hoops and position the marble at the START line.


One person will position themselves behind the START line, ready to push the marble. You station yourself behind the STARTING line.


When the person at the START line yells "GO," run as fast as you can from the line to the hoops, grabbing each item and dropping it behind the line.


If you don't collect all the objects in time, then you put all the items back for the next player in line.