Backyard Game
North Pole South Pole


Players pretend to be persistent Penguins in this pleasant polar pastime!


4 Hula hoops, 2 Potato sacks or pillowcases, 50 to 100 Water balloons (depending on how many kids are playing) *Use other household objects or toys for cloudy days


Place two hula hoops at one end of the yard, about five feet apart. These are the home bases for the North Pole and South Pole teams. On the other side of the yard, across from the home bases, place the other two hula hoops. These are the “fishing holes” for each team.


In each fishing hole, place 25 to 50 water balloons, depending on how many players are playing. These will be the “fish.” Divide the players into equal teams of Penguins and give each team a pillowcase.


All the Penguins start at home base. When you say “GO,” the first Penguin on each team steps into their pillowcase and hops to their fishing hole where they gathers up as many fish as they can without letting the pillowcase fall to the ground. Then they hops from the fishing hole to home base without letting their fish, or the pillowcase, fall. If either player drops any fish they must leave them behind.


Once at home base, players can place the fish in the home base circle. If any fish fall outside the circle they are considered “lost at sea.”


Once the fish are in the team’s home base, the first Penguin gives the pillowcase to the second Penguin, who sets off for the fishing hole. Penguins can pick up fish dropped by other Penguins, but cannot pick up any fish they drop themselves.


The game ends when one team empties their fishing hole and all team members are at home base. The team that wins is the one with the most fish in their home base at the end of the game.