Backyard Game
Save the Eggs


The ladybug is trying to protect her eggs from the hungry birds who want to "eat" them.


Any objects can be used as "eggs" such as small balls, or rocks or even pine cones.


You need at least 2 people to play, but 4-5 is more fun. There is one ladybug and as many birds as you have players.


The birds team up and choose a hiding spot (basically a base).


The ladybug has three eggs, and the birds want to get all three eggs. The ladybug wants to protect the eggs (the eggs can be anything like rocks or pine cones).


To start, the ladybug counts to 30 (seconds) while the birds find their hiding spot.


The birds have to be able to see the ladybug at all times from their hiding spot. When the birds get all of the eggs to their base, they win. If the ladybug tags all of the birds, the ladybug wins. The ladybug has to be at least 10 steps or more away from the eggs at all times, she can’t just guard the eggs.