Backyard Game
Shape the Story


Participants will be given an allotted time to collect items that build a story. After writing down the story, it will passed to the next person who will add to the story with their objects.


- A minimum of three random objects per player, preferably more. Objects can be things such as water bottles, toothpaste, bananas, etc.
- Pencil and paper
- Timer


Scatter the objects around the lawn area.


Each participants will be allotted 30 seconds to gather three objects to build a story with. After time is up, gather the participants and allow them to evaluate the objects gathered and give one minute for them to write down their story on the paper.


After they are finished, they will pass their paper to the person on the right of them and that person will be given a minute to add on to that story with the objects they collected.


After the paper has been passed through every person, it will be read aloud and each participant will vote on which one is best.


The winner is whoever originally started the story. Voters can't vote for themselves.