Backyard Game
Zombie Seekers


Like Marco Polo but on land…and with ZOMBIES!!!!!


No materials needed


One person is chosen to be the Zombie.


The "Zombie" closes their eyes and counts to ten while all other players find a place in the yard to stand. The "Zombie" keeps their eyes closed while searching for the other players.


As the "Zombie" is searching, they call out "Brains." The other player must call out "Here" when the "Zombie" says "Brains." The other players can't move from their spots but can avoid the "Zombie" by ducking or moving their body around.


When one player is tagged by the "Zombie", they too become a zombie and search for the other players. The "Zombies" continue to search for brains until all players are found. The first player found becomes the "Zombie" for the next round.